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A PC Crysis 2 and Leauge of Legends clan called The Rifles. First battalion of the Rifles - Crysis 2
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 Recruitment IIdutyII

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PostSubject: Recruitment IIdutyII   Recruitment IIdutyII EmptyTue May 24, 2011 7:55 am

Real First Name:Dennis
Real Age:15
Microphone?: Yes
Skype?: Yes
MyCrysis Account Name: (This is your Crysis 2 name) IIdutyII

How much experience have you had with FPS Gaming? (First Person Shooter)
A little bit -> played Cod6 and some other f2p online shooter xD

How good is your English?
Dont know --> you deside ? Very Happy

If you have no microphone for voice communication in Skype, are you able and willing to get one?
-have one

Are you willing to participate in Scrims and Matches?

Are you willing to participate in international tournaments with your clan?
(This does not mean travelling the world to play, it means official ladders such as etc.)

Are you able to show up and be on time to division training days, depending if the time and day suits you?
Think so :>

---> HERE U HAVE IT :DD<---
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Recruitment IIdutyII
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