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A PC Crysis 2 and Leauge of Legends clan called The Rifles. First battalion of the Rifles - Crysis 2
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 Crash site rules

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Crash site rules Empty
PostSubject: Crash site rules   Crash site rules EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 8:30 am

The following server settings have to be changed. Both teams are responsible for these settings and should check them before a match is started:
g_scoreLimit = 0
g_timelimit = 10
g_minplayerlimit = 6
g_autoReviveTime = 3
g_friendlyfireratio = 1
g_mpHeadshotsOnly = 0
g_allowCustomLoadouts = 1
g_allowSuitPerks = 0
g_allowTeamPerks = 0
hud_dogtagsEnable = 0
g_allowFatalityBonus = 0
g_modevarivar_disableKillCam = 1
g_modevarivar_disableSpectatorCam = 1
g_autoAssignTeams = 0

ESL matches must be played using ESL settings above. However there are two server-side CVars that can be changed if one player or team is requesting it.
g_modevarivar_disableKillCam = 0
g_modevarivar_disableSpectatorCam = 0

Forbidden weapons and attachments:
Using the mounted machinegun is forbidden in any ESL competition. Other limitations like forbidden attachments or forbidden weapons can be found in our rule section. It doesn´t matter if you are using an attachment or simply have it attached to your weapon. All cases will be handled the same. We recommend to enable the kill cam to see if a player has forbidden attachments on his weapon. You have to take a screenshot of the kill cam to prove it.

Each ESL match is played on 2 maps with a timelimit of 10 minutes. Leaving before the match ends is not allowed.

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Crash site rules
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