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 A Guide For Winning Games (Not 100%)

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A Guide For Winning Games (Not 100%) Empty
PostSubject: A Guide For Winning Games (Not 100%)   A Guide For Winning Games (Not 100%) EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 6:29 am

From experience, this is what I would recommend to someone to be successful in a game. I will continue to update this thread if anything new comes.

Team Composition

A tank is not always needed with the right team composition.
When we pick our champions I recommend we at least have:
Three crowd controls/disables (Stuns, Silences ect..)
Ranged Carry (such as Ashe and Caitlyn)
Ability Power Carry (such as Annie and Brand)
Sub Tank (Tanky/Dps such as Warwick and Jarvan)

Summoner Spells


From experience, I have considered flash to be more useful than ghost, because ghost can be stopped unlike one successful flash can be the difference between life and death. Flash is a great way from escaping when fighting for Baron/Dragon. Flash also helps mentally, knowing that you can escape through walls at any time will motivate you more into killing your enemy.

Ability Power Champion - Flash/Ignite.
Ranged Champion - Flash/Teleport, Flash/Ghost, Flash/Cleanse.
Close Ranged DPS - Flash/Ignite if you do not have a slow or a stun, Flash/Exhaust if you do.
Jungler - Smite/Flash unless you are Warwick then Ignite/Flash (Ask me for details, I perfected his build that carried me all the way to 1500 elo)


Warding is very important. I think we should follow a rule to:


I think this is the most consistent way to ward.

Where to place wards?

Top lane: Bush in the river and Dragon/Baron
Middle: Right and left bush in the river and Dragon/Baron
Bottom: Bush in the river and Dragon/Baron
Jungler: Dragon/River/Baron

Lane Observation

Alerting your team mates

Always call out if an enemy champion is missing, if you are with people via Ventrilo, TS3, Skype say it out loud and ping in the map to alert your team mates. Always call it if an enemy champion has been missing for 5 seconds even though you think they are in a bush or gone back to base.

Safety from invisible champions (Evelyn, Shaco, Twich ect..)

If there is a champion that has the ability to turn invisible, it is worth investing in a sight ward. Place it in your lane and if you can, place it without them knowing.

An oracle is also a good item to invest on, when I get an oracle I always end up getting my money back from killing wards, mushrooms, champions.

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A Guide For Winning Games (Not 100%)
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