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 Dominion Tactics

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PostSubject: Dominion Tactics   Dominion Tactics EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 7:04 pm

Well Dominion hasnt been out a day yet, but we seem to have hit upon a good working plan/tactic to use.

In Summoners Rift the 'standard' gameplay was a 1-1-2 and jungle. With a carry and support bot, carry mid, and tank top.

In Dominion it is best to have 3 top, 1 roam and 1 bot.
When the game starts 3 people, preferably the fastest, should go straight to the top-the windmill. As to securing this early is vital. The champion on roam duty should capture the drill/refinery first, then head top to help. The single person who goes bottom should be a tank-they should capture the boneyard/extractor and only aim to hold the position and minions away-not push.

The idea of this setup is as follows.
The whole concept of Dominion is to hold more of the points than the enemy-the more the better as it causes their lifeforce to 'bleed away'. The more you hold over the enemy the greater the rate at which the enemies life depletes. The easiest and safest route to victory is to hold 3 points to the enemeis 3. This means the 2 closest to the spawn and the windmill. This is why 3 people, supported by a fourth, need to go straight to the windmill at the start of the game. Rammus is ideal to be one of the top players due to his speed.
Once the 3 have been captured its just a case of defending them. The 3 people top should be able tohold the windmill and drill/efinery. The tank should be able to old bot easily-unless there is a gank. Bottom should not push unless the opportunity arises-such as no enemy is defending! In the case of a gank from 2 players the tank is still able to hold the tower-the use of garrison and promote is highly useful. Just ktie the enemy under the tower until they go away or die. It is also possible to hold the tower agains 3 enemies-although this may be more luck than skill!

The championwho is roaming needs to be a high dps or burst damage champion-akali or poppy are ideal. The role of the roamer is to go wherrever is needed-msot likely the drill/refinery if it is being captured or to help bot if bot is under pressure.

3 points should be the aim. To should only push further than the windmill if a lot of enemies have gone bot and/or are dead. THe towers should never be pushed if the enemy have simply dissappeared-it most likely means they are in them iddle heading to gank a tower, in these situations it is best to defend.

Theres my initial thoguhts on dominion. This tactic seems to work well. Communication via skype is highly highly useful and recommended as it allows far greater co-ordination.

I play maokai as the tank bot so my experience is mainly in this area. If you play antoher of the roles and have more wise words then pleasel et me know so I can add it to this guide!
I have realised that for this tactic towork the team relies heavily on a good roamer with high damage and a strong tank.
The roamer needs to have the damage to make the enemy run, and run fast! Playing as maokai I have managed to hold bottom tower solo agaisnt 3 enemies and be victorious-garrison being vital for this. On occasions such as these top should be pushing due to a much smaller defense.

EDIT- Shaman would be good if we could post that screenshot of our win yesterday at the end of this guide, jsut to show how good this tactic is! 10 minute win XD
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PostSubject: Re: Dominion Tactics   Dominion Tactics EmptyThu Sep 29, 2011 4:45 am

Yes there you go. We did have on in below 10 minutes however I couldn't capture it:

Dominion Tactics Dom_wi11
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Dominion Tactics
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