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A PC Crysis 2 and Leauge of Legends clan called The Rifles. First battalion of the Rifles - Crysis 2
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 My absence (KillerRiot)

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My absence (KillerRiot) Empty
PostSubject: My absence (KillerRiot)   My absence (KillerRiot) EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 7:08 am

Sry I haven't gone to any of the practice session lately guys. Its just my tennis season, and church and the family are taking up a big chunk of my time right now. I won't be able to play this up coming week either since I am going away for tennis Europeans :/. Sry. I will be back on and be able to play almost everyday next upcoming Monday. ( when I come back from Europe and tennis season is over Very Happy ) Sry for my absence again i'll will be back next Monday. Till the clan. Killer out .
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My absence (KillerRiot)
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